Chimney & Flue Extensions

We Provide Expert Chimney & Flue Extensions!

In order for your fireplace, stove, or insert to work efficiently and effectively, adequate draft is required  and that’s where the chimney comes in! The chimney and flue are designed to create proper draft for combustion, and remove the smoke and byproducts of combustion from the home. The taller the chimney, the better the draft. But unfortunately, chimneys and flues aren’t always built to proper specs and heights to achieve sufficient draft.

Is poor draft leaving you with a weak fire and a smoky home? Are appliance performance issues taking the enjoyment out of your fireside experience? Smokestack Sweep can help! If we determine that your draft and performance problems stem from the height of your chimney, we can extend your chimney and flue to help you achieve proper draft.

How Increasing Chimney Height Helps

Hot air rises, and with taller chimneys, more hot air can be contained in the chimney. This leads to a stronger draft. In other words, as height increases, draft increases proportionately. The amount we’ll need to extend your chimney and flue will depend upon the current height of your chimney and how much of a draft increase is needed.

When extending your chimney and draft, our expert masons will start by carefully removing your chimney crown. Next, we’ll attach a flue liner extension, match your existing brick and mortar, and extend the stack of the chimney itself. Once we’ve reached the necessary height, we’ll build a new crown and add a chimney cap to your flue.

Note: Depending on the height needed, a chimney pot can also be used to extend the height of the chimney.

How To Determine If Chimney Height Is To Blame For Your Draft Problems

A number of factors can lead to draft problems, which is why these types of problems can be so difficult to troubleshoot. But we can help! Our technicians have the experience and training to inspect and evaluate your system, and can identify the most likely cause of your draft issues. We’ll consider all of the possible factors and make recommendations based on our findings.