ChimneySaver Waterproofing

Protect Your Masonry With ChimneySaver Waterproofing

Perhaps the most damaging thing your masonry chimney can encounter is water, and unfortunately, it encounters it quite a bit! As the tallest thing on your home, the chimney goes to battle every time the sky opens up. Are you doing everything you can to safeguard your chimney system and protect it against water damage and leaks?

What Water Does To Your Masonry Chimney & Crown

Because the materials used to build your masonry chimney and your crown are naturally porous, they naturally absorb water. Unfortunately, as temperatures rise and fall, the absorbed water can wear at the masonry and cause the brick to crack, crumble, and burst from the inside out. And the more water damage your masonry experiences, the more water it takes on.

Water has this same negative impact on the chimney crown and can leave it cracked, crumbling, and worn. And once water makes it past your masonry and crown, it’s only a matter of time before it’s rusting and eating away at the metal components of your chimney system and destroying nearby walls and ceilings. But what can be done to prevent this water damage?

The first step is to make sure that all of your chimney’s components — like your chimney cap and crown or chase cover — are in good condition and properly installed. But you don’t have to stop there! Our team of experts can apply the ChimneySaver Waterproofing sealant to your masonry, adding an extra layer of protection.

How ChimneySaver Works

ChimneySaver Water Repellent is 100% vapor permeable, and provides a protective waterproof membrane.  Unlike silicone coatings and sealers, ChimneySaver Water Repellent won’t trap moisture inside of the masonry. Instead, it prevents water molecules (which are larger) from entering the masonry, while allowing vapor molecules (which are smaller) to exit the masonry. It also prevents mildew, fungus, efflorescence, and staining.

ChimneySaver is a water-based product that won’t alter the look of your masonry or harm the environment. When professionally applied, ChimneySaver comes with a 10-year warranty and reduces water penetration into the masonry by 99.9%.

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