Fire/draft stop installation

Trust Your Fire Stop/Draft Stop Installation To The Professionals At Smokestack Sweep

A house fire is everybody’s worst nightmare, and as chimney professionals, we do everything we can to prevent these nightmares from occurring here in the greater Grand Rapids, Howell and Bloomfield Hills areas. But the worst thing about house fires is that they can spread so rapidly that those inside have little time to escape and firefighters have little time to put a stop to the fire. That’s why fire stop or draft stop systems for factory-built fireplaces are put in place. These systems work to contain fire and prevent or slow spreading.

What Makes A Good Fire Stop?

The quality and effectiveness of a fire stop or draft stop system depends largely upon the type of material used for insulation and for the system components themselves. If any of the components of the system are missing or constructed of materials that are not tested and certified for such conditions and situations, the system itself will not hold up.

Unfortunately, we all to often find that fire stop systems are made of whatever materials are on hand and most convenient, and installed without proper knowledge or attention to detail. As a result, these systems fail to contain fire and smoke and prevent them from spreading to the rest of the home. Do you have a quality fire stop or draft stop system in place around your chimney system? If not, we can help!

We’re Trained, Certified, & Equipped To Better Protect You

Our technicians undergo extensive training and continuous education courses to keep them abreast of any local codes and fire safety information, as well as any chimney industry techniques and technology. Our goal is to continuously build upon our knowledge and expertise so that we can better protect and serve our neighbors throughout the greater Grand Rapids, Howell and Bloomfield Hills areas.

Better Fire Protection Is Just A Phone Call Away

When properly installed and constructed from the proper materials, fire stops can save thousands in property damage, and more importantly, save lives! Are you protected? Give Smokestack Sweep a call today at 616-555-555 or click here to request a quote and schedule your fire stop system installation!