Firebox Rebuild & Repair

Is Your Firebox In Need Of Repair Or Rebuild?

Nothing beats the warmth and relaxation of a night spent by the fireside. But the firebox, the area hosting the fire, doesn’t have it so nice. The firebox is the immediate area of the fireplace that absorbs the heat of the fire. The purpose of the firebox, other than to contain the fire itself, is to help stop heat transference to combustible materials.

What Causes Firebox Deterioration?

Every time you enjoy a fire, your firebox takes a beating from the high temperatures and corrosive byproducts of combustion. The heat of the fire, water or moisture entry, and corrosive gases can damage the walls of the firebox over time, leaving them ineffective at preventing heat transference.

We Can Help!

If your firebox is rusting or has cracks, missing chunks, or crumbling areas, give Fireplace Solutions by the Chimney Sweeper a call! A defective or decaying firebox can make a house fire a very real threat – but we can help! Although minor cracks in both masonry and factory-built firebox walls can be sealed, this is really only a temporary fix. Instead, we can replace your brittle, damaged refractory firebox walls with new walls, or completely rebuild your firebox, preventing heat transference and restoring the safety of your firebox once more.

We Repair & Rebuild Masonry/Brick Firebox Walls

If your masonry firebox is cracking or crumbling, we can rebuild the firebox walls. The rear firebox wall usually needs to be rebuilt first – but eventually, the side walls will need to be removed and replaced as well. When you hire the team at Smokestack Sweep to rebuild your masonry firebox, you can expect expert results! We know what goes into proper firebox design, and will make sure your rear wall has the proper slope to radiate heat out into the room and aid in proper fireplace draft.

We Replace Factory-Built Firebox Walls

When you need a factory-built firebox wall replaced, we highly recommend considering replacing all three walls at the same time. The reason being that a single wall can be replaced with the manufacturer’s wall or a generic after-market wall. Unfortunately, the single wall brick pattern may not completely match up with the side firebox walls. Additionally, when removing the rear firebox wall, it’s not uncommon for a side wall to crack. Replacing all three walls at once can help ensure you get the most beautiful, most durable results possible.