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Refresh Your Fireplace With Paint “N” Peel Stain Removal

If you spent all of last winter curled up in front of a dirty, unsightly-looking fireplace, we have good news for you: you don’t have to put your eyes (or your guests’ eyes) through such torture again this winter! The team here at Smokestack Sweep offers a fireplace solution for refreshing your hearth, without the cost of a rebuild or renovation.

Our technicians use an amazing product known as Paint “N” Peel to effectively remove even the toughest smoke and soot stains from the face of the fireplace. With Paint “N” Peel, you can go from cringing at the sight of your fireplace to smiling in less than 24 hours.

How It Works

When our technicians come to your home to refresh your hearth’s appearance, we’ll start by carefully brushing the Paint “N” Peel product onto the entire affected area. As the product dries, it turns into a thick film on the face of the fireplace. This product typically takes about 12-24 hours to completely dry. Once it’s completely dry, one of our experienced technicians will begin to carefully peel the film from the surface, taking nasty smoke and soot stains with it.

What’s So Great About Paint “N” Peel?

Besides the fact that it’s a cost-effective way to truly work miracles, what makes Paint “N” Peel so great is that it is environmentally safe and produces no noxious odors. Regardless of whether your fireplace is indoors or outdoors, or if the face is brick, stone, marble, slate, tile, concrete, mortar, limestone, or cultured stone, Paint “N” Peel can completely restore its appearance overnight without harming you, your wallet, or the environment!

Refresh Your Hearth Today!

If you live in the greater Grand Rapids, Howell or Bloomfield Areas, you don’t have to live with a smoke-stained fireplace any longer – let Smokestack Sweep help! We can restore and refresh your hearth so you can enjoy the beauty and charm it once brought, once again.