Throat/Smoke Chamber Repair

Boost The Safety & Efficiency Of Your Fireplace With Professional Throat/Smoke Chamber Parging & Repair Services

Every component of your chimney and fireplace plays an important role in the safety, efficiency, and proper function of the system. But if not properly installed, built, or maintained, these components can fail. Two of the most important areas of the chimney system that are often improperly cared for or designed are the throat and smoke chamber.

What Do The Throat & Smoke Chamber Do?

The throat of the chimney is the area that leads from the firebox to the damper. The smoke chamber is the area just above the throat that leads up to the chimney flue. Both areas are responsible for ushering smoke and gases up into the chimney flue so they can exit the home, and both areas face extreme temperatures and corrosive byproducts every time you enjoy a fire. That’s why they should be professionally parged smooth.

A deteriorated throat or smoke chamber or one that is missing a parge coat will allow heat transference to combustible materials.  Likewise, the holes, cracks, and uneven surface of a deteriorated and unparged throat and smoke chamber will prevent smoke and byproducts of combustion from smoothly transitioning from the firebox to the flue. And when smoke and byproducts are slowed down in their journey out of the chimney, they can cool and settle in the chimney as highly flammable creosote.

Our Repair Work Will Leave Your Throat & Smoke Chamber Meeting All Code Requirements

There are two options for renovating your existing smoke chamber: Chamber Tech 2000 and HeatShield®. Chamber Tech is a trowel-on product, while HeatShield® is a spray-on application.

Depending on the access to your smoke chamber, you may be limited to one product or the other. Both products insulate and strengthen the surface, and do an excellent job of filling in missing mortar joints, leaving a nice, smooth finish — which is important to the way your fireplace drafts. These products also work to prevent heat transfer to nearby combustibles.

How Will I Know If It’s Time To Parge Smooth Or Repair My Smoke Chamber?

The best way to know if it’s time to have your smoke chamber and throat repaired or parged smooth is to schedule an annual inspection with a certified chimney sweep. The professionals here at Smokestack Sweep use Chim-Scan video technology to get an up-close look at the smoke chamber and throat, and can let you know if the surface needs repair work or parging.