Have Your Tuckpointing Work Performed By An Experienced Professional

If you have an older home, you’ll almost assuredly need tuckpointing work performed at some point, especially if the home has a chimney. Tuckpointing is the process of replacing or repairing the mortar between the bricks so that structural and water damage can be prevented or remedied. This is a job that should never be done by an inexperienced individual, because it affects the structural integrity of the chimney. There are learned techniques and specific tools that need to be used to do it properly, and only a trained professional will provide quality results.

The Problem With Deteriorating Mortar

Safety should be the most important concern for chimney owners. While chimneys can be amazing for ambiance and warmth, they can be a hazard if they are not maintained properly. Having proper mortar between the bricks is a key aspect of a healthy chimney. The deteriorating mortar between bricks makes chimneys more vulnerable to damage, and more subject to leaks, weathering, and destruction. Resulting damage may not only be on the outside and visible to the naked eye, but it may also be in the interior of the chimney (Think rusted flue liners, dampers, and fireboxes). That’s why it’s imperative that you have tuckpointing repairs made as soon as you notice deterioration.

You Can Count On Us To Provide Expert Tuckpointing Repairs

Smokestack Sweep has been services the greater Grand Rapids, Howell and Bloomfield Hills areas, and our technicians can be trusted to properly assess and repair any chimney. Should your chimney require tuckpointing work, you can expect our experienced masons to provide clean, durable, and effective results — guaranteed. Our team provides exceptional service at a quality price, and can assess any chimney to see what kind of damage prevention or repairs need to be completed.

We are a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG), are both National Fireplace Institute (NFI)– and FIRE-certified. Not only are we one of the best-rated chimney sweepers, but we are also sought after to help test new products to advance the fireplace industry. No concern will be left unaddressed with the professionals at Smokestack Sweep.